Lily Azzeroth

Female Teifling Warlock


Character Sheet

Warlock devoted to Asmodeus.

Has a pseudodragon familiar named Spike.

Appearance: Dark red hair, dark eyes, small horns, tail, light reddish skin. She wears a red robe and carries a sickle and rod (arcane focus).

Lawful neutral- acts in accordance with the code of her cult. Believes in dominion over the weak.

Personality- Charismatic, tries to sway people into her cult. Zealous devotion to her cult.

Ideals- Believes in spreading the doctrine of Asmodeus (knowledge, tyranny, power).

Bonds- Made a pact with Asmodeus for knowledge and power. Works to preserve the ideals of her cult.

Flaws- Wants common folk to be oppressed as minions to the Dark Lord. Is a zealot and cultist. Likes burning things.


Lily grew up in a noble and prestigious tiefling family of necromancers. As cultist themselves, Lily’s parents Lord Lucien and Lady Damaea only wanted what was best for their young daughter and so taught her the arts of black magic and indoctrinated her as an Asmodai.

Lily became so devoted to Asmodeus that she needed something more to show her loyalty. Unsatisfied with the dark magics of her family, Lily decided to make a pact with Asmodeus himself in order to be infused with his power and be one with the Dark Lord. As a warlock, Lily unlocked the secrets of the infernal magic and powers gifted by Lord Asmodeus. She now travels around trying initiate more followers and saving minions along the way, all to please the Dark Lord.

Lily Azzeroth

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