Ravenloft - 5th Edition

tests, allies and enemies

From town to Castle

The priest at the main church in town helps our heroes and barricades the doors to their last line of defense in the building. Dolf, Lilly, Percy, Judge and Martam kill off 2 DIre Wolves and a Were-wolf causing the battle to end. Recovering for a short time and discussing how to proceed, we decide to move the gem clser to Castle Ravenloft in hopes that Stahd will leave the village alone. Percy expertly convinces the Burgemeister’s son, along with his sister to take over his father’s role and rally the town to safety in our absence.
The Heroes Five, set out on the main road towards the castle and come across a magical horse and carriage which whisks them towards the gates of Ravenloft at a breakneck pace.. Traveling through the mists, Lilly and Martam get affected by its deadly power and Percy administers the one potion we possess to combat the effects on Lilly to save her. Meanwhile Martam endures the pain and is hurt but makes it through the entire ordeal .
Arriving at Ravenloft our Heroes Five proceed into the castle where more tests and enemies meet them at every turn. Over the rotten drawbridge Lilly steps on plank that practically disintegrates and she loses her balance and falls through heading towards her doom. Percy and Martam attempt to grab her quickly, though Percy can’t grab ahold, Martam lifts her back up and onto the drawbridge.
Two winged creatures get their arses kicked…


Great write up, you trailed off at the end! 500xp!

tests, allies and enemies

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