Ravenloft - 5th Edition

Castle Ravenloft

After we managed to defeat the wyverns (and Dolf gave us some much needed healing), we ventured through the castle in order to find this “Master” called Strahd. But there is only one true Master and his name is Asmodeus… So anyways, we walked down a hallway with stone statues with eyes that watched us. We entered an old chapel with what appeared to be another stone statue but upon examination looked to be a Holy Warrior encased in stone with a holy symbol medallion. Dolf managed to chisel out the holy symbol and gave it to Judge to wear since we think it was the object of his tarot reading. Oh yes, and Judge, Martam, and Percey found a pair of banshees upstairs. We avoided the banshees and proceeded to go up a spiral staircase that just kept going up. However, we changed our minds and went back down to look for the library that Judge kept talking about.

We walked up another floor and came across a very strange fellow named Cyrus who appeared to be eating dead people. He also claimed to be a cook for Strahd. He wanted to feed us his “dinner” and have us go to our rooms to await our fate with Strahd but Martam really did not like this man and started to beat him up. Judge burned the dead bodies so they may rest in the fires of Asmodeus. And we found some wine bottles! We also found a demon in one of the rooms and easily defeated him with light.

We searched through another level of the castle and found… an accountant fellow. Judge was a spider at this point and the man thought he was one of Strahd’s men. The accountant was about to pull a rope (an alarm maybe?) so Percey shot his arm with an arrow and ended up mortally wounding him. Next, we found a large throne room and found a platinum hilt of a sword. Dolf decided to hold onto this. Meanwhile, Judge found and operated a dumbwaiter while in spider form. We decided to take the secret passage behind the throne room instead.

After finding another staircase in the secret passage, we came upon a dining room with the most disturbing cake decoration (a creepy doll). We then stumbled upon a cloak closet and Percey found a very nice black cloak. We peered into a bedroom and heard a young women who seemed to be loyal to Strahd. Martam proceeded to tie her up after Judge spider-webbed her face. We tied up Cyrus, the accountant, and the girl to the bed. Finally we found the library! We picked up a book that seemed to be Strahd’s journal. We walked down another hallway of stone statues but these ones answered questions we spoke aloud. We discovered that the runed sword we found in the woods matched the hilt and they magically fused into a weapon to defeat Strahd.


Great write-up! 500xp bonus! :D

Castle Ravenloft

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