The small town of Ashenport sits right along the coast of the Great Sea. It’s a very quiet and calm town. Everyone knows each other and visitors stick out like a sore thumb.

Mayor Silverstein – The portly, but stern head of the town. It’s a pretty easy job as nothing really happens in this town and taxes are collected mostly from ships that dock for the night.

Merle – A simple man. Makes a decent living as a dock-hand.
Margaret – Housewife. She lives to take care of her husband Merle, and son Billy.
Billy – A carefree 7-year old. Always wandering off, curious about the world.

Derek – Dimwitted town-guard. Relegated to the night-shift since no-one else will do it.
Johnson – A guard that really enjoys the power trip of being in a position of authority.

Percey – A high-Elf and the local proprietor of The Slow Decline, an appropriately named bar for this little town.


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