Dolf Bresarik

Male Human Cleric of Light


Character Sheet

Personality Traits:
-No stock in wealthy, well mannered folks.

-Life is like the season, change must be something we go along with.

-Visions of a coming disaster, will do anything to prevent it.

-Too enamored with alcohol.

Dolf wishes he were a simpler man. He grew up a long ways away in a town that was burned down over noble squabbles. He was old enough to not be conscripted or put to the sword, but he swore off lords and their wars to seek another way. For a while he lived among woods, befriending some nearby elves (especially their fine wine) and otherwise minding his own way.

Dark times came to the forest, and elves left. The water grew fetid, and the trees changed. Delirious with thirst, climbed to the streams source and prayed for something to cleanse the darkness. A great light shone forth; it purified the water and warmed his soul. The dead that walked the woods fell to his new found flame, and he has given himself to try to stop the choking darkness that settles over the lands he wanders.

He first met Lily Azzeroth, a strange woman who doesn’t mind his manners. While she doubts his faith and seeks to convert him to Asmodeus he sees a curious purity in her. She was born a monster, and grew up only knowing her cult, but she isn’t cruel about it. He hopes that his simpler faith wears off on her. He’s not sure she can be saved, but can’t bring himself to kill her. The best he can hope is that with the effort she spends on him means fewer Asmodeans later.

His companion Martam Hornsraven he found near a ruined village, ghoul’s blood dripping from his axe. The two of them completed the purification of the dead, burning what remained while Lily looked on pleased. Dolf finds it curious that Martam’s service as a mercenary hasn’t broken the man’s spirit.

Dolf Bresarik

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